Homeschool Resources

Here is a list of my favorite homeschooling links. Bookmark and check back often, I am always updating and adding more!

MATH: - Free games  - Free Games  - Visual Math Dictionary.  Don't know what "associative law" is?  This site defines it and will show you an example. - Free games and worksheets worksheets on just about every math topic - more free worksheets - Fun math games - Lots of games to choose from  Sonshine Favorite - Teenie's favorite! online math practice compete in math games   Online math strategy games for  K-8  Resources for teaching math, let's you sort lessons by NCTM and Common Core math standards.  Has all subjects but we like to use it for math.  Math fact worksheets - Math video tutorials -  Virtual Math manipulative's for grades K-12

PHONICS AND READING:  Free audio stories for kids   Super cute games!  Teenie's favorite! PAID SITE email me your first name, last name and email address for a FREE 2-week trial     Teenie's favorite!  videos - Games

SCIENCE:  Free worksheets and games Experiments of varying degrees of difficulty some are even marked "dangerous" can't wait to try those!! - Science experiments and games  Free flash games, interactive and videos  - online biology textbook (for upper grades) - Biology games and quizzes (upper grades)

FREE EDUCATIONAL GAMES:  Free multiplayer educational games, math, language arts and more

SPELLING:  - Game  -Game  -Custom spelling lists, Games Custom spelling lists, Games  Free printable spelling practice sheets for grades 1-8

LANGUAGE ARTS:  - Games - Games - Games - Worksheets

HISTORY: History videos with study guides (for upper grades)

COMPUTER SCIENCE:  If your kids are interested in learning how video games are made, have them start here FREE - Kids can design and play games that have been made by other users. good for those that know about code.  FREE - Free coding lessons

( Ultimate Vocabulary Resource Guide - Great resource for ESL students or students that need extra help with vocabulary

MISC:  Elementary level resource site Teaches Civics through games, also free lesson plans and resources for educators  Sonshine's Favorite  Free guitar lessons  Free quizzes for a good cause, donates 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program every time you get a correct answer.

Virtual Field Trips:  Take a tour in a Kelp Forest in the Monterey Bay.  Visit Old Sturbridge Village An 1830s New England Living History Museum