Walmart Grocery & Free Pickup Service Review #Walmart

I just want to start off by saying I was not paid to do this review. I didn't get anything for free and I am not affiliated with Walmart in any way.

I recently used Walmart Pickup service, and it was one of the best shopping experiences I have ever had at Walmart. Where I live Walmart is a way of life.  On any given afternoon or weekend it's extremely crowded, there's no where to park, and there's near empty shelves in the grocery section from people shopping like they are prepping for the zombie apocalypse. Throw in the screaming kids and there you go...It's loud, it's hectic and it's stressful. So, for a long time I stayed away, missing out on the huge selection of items and the low prices the company has to offer.

Then one day, it happened.  I needed something, so I googled it. Walmart had the best price, but it was an item only available online. It was a large item (mattress and bed frame), I could wait a week and get it shipped to my home, or wait 3 days and pick it up in store. I decided to stuck it up and select pickup. The experience was nothing like what I had been expecting. First thing I did was download the Walmart app. When I got to the store, the app knew I was there. To be honest it kinda freaked me out...But, when I walked into the store, the pickup area was right in front and there was no one else in line. All I had to do was check in, and an associate came out verified my identity and went and got my order. I signed for it, and I was done and on my way. The whole process took 5 minutes! It took me longer to find a parking space, than it did for me to pick up my order! On the way out the associate handed me a card advertising their grocery pickup service, and a promo code for $10 bucks off my order.

I decided to give it a try. Using the Walmart Grocery app, I was able to quickly add items to my cart, pay and checkout. My grocery pickup day was scheduled for the next day. I got a message saying my order was ready for the pickup time I had chosen. Before I left my house I checked into the app to let them know I was on my way. My local store has a designated pickup area, and all I had to do was follow the arrows. I parked, and almost instantly an associate came out of the side door with my order, already packed in bags and ready to go. Some of the items I ordered were out of stock so Walmart fulfilled them with items of equal or greater value. All I had to do was sign for my groceries and I was done. I had a week's worth of super fresh foods, and a trip that would have taken me 2 1/2 hours, was done in less than 10 minutes! I saved so much time!
And because it was my first time, I even got a little goody bag with samples and recipes!

If you have never tried Walmart's Grocery Pickup, you can use the link below to get $10 off your purchase of $50 or more (and I get $10 off my next order too!)
Walmart Grocery Pickup