Make Money From Home - No Scams Allowed (A Legit Side Hustle List) Sites That Pay! #makemoneyfromhome #sidehustles #noscams

DISCLAIMER: This post is FULL of affiliate links!!! I would appreciate it greatly if you used my referral links, so I can gets paid and will award you with a bonus as well! Thank you!😁😁😁

Sick and tired of scams? So am I! Therefore, I'm not going to give you the run around or make you sub to another dumb newsletter that you don't want. Here is a list of sites that are legit and that will pay you for doing numerous things. They have all been tested by me personally and I have gotten paid by all of them more than once. YOU WILL NOT GET RICH DOING THIS!!! However, for most of these you will be able to pay for your coffee habit, go out to lunch with a friend or save up to really treat yo' self! 

All of these apps can be found in the Google Play store, some are also available for iPhone.

S'more (Android)
I use this free app to get rewards just for unlocking my phone. You can also build up points quickly by taking surveys they have posted on the app.

Slidejoy (Android)
Check out Slidejoy, a brand new Android app that pays you for unlocking your phone. You can also build up points quickly by doing other tasks available such as surveys and downloading apps.

NOTE: S'more and Slidejoy can be used together, but you will have two lock screens on your phone.

StreetBees (Android & iPhone)
Pays quickly by PayPal for short tasks and surveys.  Tasks and surveys are given by location so depending on where you live or where you are they can be infrequent.
Tell them 76069B Sent you!

QuickThoughts (Android)

Get paid to take surveys on your phone! 
No link just search for it on Google Play.

iPoll (Android & iPhone)
Get paid to take surveys on your phone! 
No link just search for it on Google Play.

REBATE AND SHOPPING (you will need to submit a picture of the receipt as well as scan the product bar code)
Ebates (Online & Android)
Shop and earn money back automatically every quarter. I have received payments by check and by Paypal from this company. Just click the green button below to sign up.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

MyPoints (Online, Android & iPhone)
Hands down one of my favorites. Shop and earn points, surveys, watch videos, etc... and earn points.  You accumulate points to exchange for gift cards, they also will do PayPal.  I have gotten a ton of gift cards through this site and they add up fast.

Ibotta (Online, Android & iPhone)
Grocery and shopping rebates. You have to scan your receipt and product bar codes for this one. They pay once you hit $30. Sounds like a lot but it adds up fast.

Dosh (Android & iPhone)
This one is an app that pays you to eat, sleep and shop. Link a card through their secure app and automatically get rewards when you use the card in person. Or shop through their app online using the linked card for additional money back rebates. You also get cash back for booking a hotel room through the app.

Shopkick (Android & iPhone)
I love this app. Earn points by just walking in a store, scanning bar codes, and get bonus points for buying new items. Does not pay cash but does pay in gift cards. 
Try Shopkick and we'll both get points toward a free gift card! 😀 Use code BLUE395030 or download

Swagbucks (Online, Android & iPhone)
This is a 'get paid to' site. You can get paid for shopping, watching videos, clicking links, surveys, etc... You can redeem points for gift cards or get paid by PayPal.

I will do my best to keep this page updated with new links, so that you always have the latest info. 
As soon as one of them fails to pay me they will be removed.