Homeschool Room Organization - Part One: Getting Motivated

 Before school starts every year I like to clean out the school room and make sure everything is neat and tidy.  This year I had been putting it off because we have been so busy with our growing YouTube channel and toy reviews.  While all of that has been really awesome, school will be starting back up soon, and I have been in a frantic tizzy trying to finish up writing our lesson plans for the year.  I have tons of books and curriculum and tend to keep buying more and more (we hit up yard sales, thrift stores and the local library has a bookstore).  Although I don't spend much I have accumulated a ton of stuff, a lot of which I haven't been using because I forgot I had it!
Before:  SO. MUCH. STUFF!!!
So this year, I decided to spend as little as possible on new stuff, and use what I already had on hand. This presented a challenge because I am a book hoarder and I have books stashed in every corner, nook and cranny of my house. So first things first I gathered anything that we could use for school and put it in our school room. I then promptly forgot about it, you know...with it being summer and all.... 

I told Teenie that I was going to clean the homeschool area and she promptly when over and started snatching books off the shelves and piling everything in the middle of the living room floor.  Including the books that I had already organized for our lesson plans! (There goes that plan....)  With our living room destroyed, I had no other choice but get busy trying to plan out our school room.  On the plus side, it was already practically empty (except for the furniture, because Teenie couldn't lift that....)  Now that I have no choice BUT to start getting ready for school. So Teenie and I decided to attempt to tackle this mess....  

During:  Can you believe one little girl did all this herself?!?
My mind drew a blank so of course I jumped on Pinterest for inspiration, which was a big mistake because I don't have a million dollars to spend decorating and making things look super cute. So I would have to pretty much just work with what I have.  If seeing all of this stuff every where doesn't get you motivated I don't know what will.  Honestly the best way to get something done, is to jump in and start doing it. I still have ton of work to do, but I will update y'all on how this hot mess turns out.