WEDGiTS Building Blocks Imagination Set Unboxing and Review #wedgits #ad

We were selected to try WEDGiTs and were sent the 15 Piece Imagination Set, and the 25 Piece Imagination set. Here is our unboxing and review:

The Verdict:
To be honest I had to edit the video to shorten it because the kids played with these for quite some time, that and they were arguing over pieces!  Typical kids!  They are both still playing with the blocks and my nine year old nephew loves them too. It's really nice how creative kids can make fun and creative abstract creations with these blocks.  It really does allow kids to use their imaginations. Where you see a pile of bricks, they see a horse, a castle or a robot! I thought these bricks are great for kids, I even had fun playing with them until they told me I was using all of their pieces and said they didn't want to play with me anymore. Recommended for ages 2-6, but I think they would be fun for anyone ages 3 and up. I would recommend a larger set of them for older kids so they have more building options.

Fun for everyone!

More info about WEDGiTS:
The Imagination Starter set of building block toys provide six (6) different sized blocks that are all "non-choking." Sometimes referred to as square donuts the Starter Imagination set has an easy play design that has nesting and stacking features for young hands.  With all parts big enough to keep out of a choke tube you are assured of comfortable play for toddlers and older siblings.
These Starter set building blocks assure that there is no wrong way to build.  The open-ended design of WEDGiTS building blocks introduce the spatial world of angles, shapes, color patterning, matching and creative play. The WEDGiTS Starter set is compatible with all standard WEDGiTS products making it a toy that will grow with your child. 
Each Imagination set comes with a product guide showing ideas of different designs for each child to build. The term “wedgits” came from the toy’s symmetrical design that allows the blocks to actually wedge together using pure friction.  (All WEDGiTS sets are 100% compatible.)  You can find WEDGiTS at Target stores and

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review, my views are honest and my own and have not been influenced in any way.