Smart Weigh GLS20 Digital Food Scale Review #smartweigh #ad

I have been meaning to buy a food scale for a few reasons.

1.  I am an avid baker and I love scouring the interwebs for new recipes, some of which come from other countries and the weight is given in grams and not cups and teaspoons. Because I am too busy (or lazy depending on the day) to convert them I never end up trying them out.
2.  I am an avid canner, sometimes canning recipes are printed in pounds and ounces, so see above excuse as to why I don't make them.
3.  I try to watch what I eat, and keep track on a calorie tracking website. A lot of the measurements are given in grams and ounces. I honestly who can look at a piece of fish and correctly guess that it's the right size portion.  Hardly anyone.  Which is why most Americans tend to "over-guesstimate" their portion sizes, myself included.

I was selected to try the Smart Weigh GLS20 Digital Food Scale and was happy that it arrived just in time for me to measure out the "correct" portion of avocado and bell pepper to go with my lunch of a couple of egg whites.  Yes, it is a boring lunch but when you have as many dietary restrictions as I do, you get used to it....kinda.  Until you go to a restaurant and everyone around you is eating big, juicy, greasy burgers and fries and you are stuck with a boring, old salad...

So anyhoo, I was pretty impressed when I opened the outer packaging and found that the Smart Weigh is small and flat.  The outer packaging was nice and I once I opened that up, I saw that the scale itself was exactly as it pictured on the box.  It is also the same size as the box and which I was not expecting.  Black, flat and sleek it's a bit smaller than a 9" tablet, and less than an inch thick.  AND IT'S GLASS!!!  It looks really fancy, so it looks really nice sitting out on your counter top.  However, this scale uses 4 AAA batteries to get it going, which where actually included.  Which is great because the kids steal all of my batteries for their toys and games, so I never have them when I need them.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review, my views are honest and my own and have not been influenced in any way.