ThinkFun Houdini Brainteaser Game Review #ThinkFun #toyreview #ad

ThinkFun is quickly becoming one of our favorite game companies, as they have introduced yet another fun game that really gives your brain a workout.  Houdini is a brainteaser that has kept everyone in our house intrigued and has stumped us all on several occassions. Simply follow the picture instuctions on the included cards to set up your brainteaser, then try to free Houdini.  It's actually harder than it looks and sounds, because the way you set it up, isn't the way that you free Houdini.   You can play as a group, just taking turns, or play as a single player.

 Teenie (age 10) had a bit of trouble with this one, although she is usually great with puzzles.  So instead of giving up, she has become the official puzzle setter. She sets up the game using the instruction cards and challenges someone in the family to free Houdini.  She still has fun playing with it, even though she has trouble trying to figure out the puzzles.  So I would recommend this game for kids 12 and up.  To be honest my husband and I have even had trouble trying to figure some of these out!   The company has  provided video solutions for all 40 of the puzzles for when you get really stuck. But no peeking! That's cheating! =)

This is a great game that is fun for the whole family, because no one in this house has been able to put it down since we got it.  In an age of video games and digital everything, that says a lot.

From the company:
Houdini  (Ages 8 to adult, MSRP: $19.99)
Who isn’t intrigued by the sensational escape acts of Harry Houdini? In these 40 disentanglement puzzles featuring the great illusionist in miniature, you’ll use ropes, rings and a lock to secure him and work your magic to set him free – without undoing the clasps! Sound easy? Well, let’s just say we won’t ask you to tie yourself up quite yet!

 I received this game for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.  My views are my own and have not been influenced in any way.