How To: Make A Veggies and Dip Tray for Your Dolls #DollCrafts #DIY #crafts #kidscrafts

Liven up you doll party with a classic...a veggie tray!!!

You will need:
  • A doll sized bowl and platter (you can use my tutorial to make some!)
  • White paint (we used FASKOLOR, usually used for model cars, but any acrylic paint will work)
  • Foam Sheets in green and orange
  • a small scrap of green construction paper
  • tiny red pompoms
  • a single hole punch
  • tacky glue
  • toothpick
 Glue your "bowl" to the center of your "platter."  Set aside to dry for about 10 minutes to dry.

 Add a couple of drops of white paint to your bowl and spread with toothpick.  Cut green construction paper into super skinny strips, then cut into tiny pieces over the bowl of wet paint.  Stir very lightly with a toothpick.  Set aside to dry.
 Cut a piece of orange and green foam sheets into a small square of each color.  Then cut into small strips to make carrot and celery "sticks."  Use your doll to measure and make sure they are the size your would like.  Arrange and glue little piles of the "veggies" to the platter. 
 Using a single hole punch out a few green foam circles to use for cucumbers and glue on to platter, also add some tiny red pompoms for tomatoes.  Let dry.

Now you're ready to play!
 -Have Fun Crafting!