How To: Make A Ice Chest Cooler for Your Dolls #DollCrafts #DIY #crafts #kidscrafts

This one is so easy that it's ridiculous! We made a super quick ice chest for our dolls and it only cost us $2.00 plus tax. 

You will need:
  • Monster High/Barbie Sized:  Really Useful Box in size  0.07 litre (measures 312" x 258" x 114" price $1.00) for an 18" doll you can use the 0.2 litre Really Useful Box (measures 434" x 338" x 134" price $1.99)  we found ours at Staples.
  • 1 package of clear pony beads (We used Goody brand and found them at the 99 Cents Only Store, price $0.99)
  • Clear School glue if desired
All you do is put the beads in the container and your cooler is good to go! If you like, you can glue the beads inside the container to prevent spills. Add a layer of clear school glue on the bottom of the the container. Wait 5 minutes so it can get tacky, then add a layer of beads. Alternate layers of glue and beads, waitng 5 minutes to between each layer until the container is as full as you like it (but don't add too much or your food won't fit). Let dry overnight, uncovered.  Fill up your "cooler" with goodies....

Now you're ready to play!

-Have Fun Crafting!