Shielo Leave in Hair Protector Review #shielo #ad #notGF #learningthehardway

Recently I was sent Shielo Leave-in Hair Protector to review. I regularly use leave in conditioning products to help control the frizz my hair tends to accumulate with all the heat and wind and such that we have in the desert. I was really eager to try this product because anything that promises me less frizz is great in my book.  Shielo also promises UV protection and is paraben free with organic extracts. 
From the company:

This antioxidant rich leave in protectant is designed to fortify every strand of hair, creating texture, as well as protect your hair from the stress of heat styling. Our unique protective complex with pro-vitamins, proteins and amino acids infuse hair with vitamins while providing UV protection. For deeper natural and color-treated hair color. Excellent in controlling frizz and detangling.

Can be used both as a styling aid while hair is damp prior to use of heat tools (iron, curlers), and, throughout the day to refresh your hair style, control fly-aways, and keep frizz under control.

So without further delay immediately took the bottle and started spritzing it all over my frizzy head.  Immediately I started feeling not so good.  I figured it was just my allergies and went to lie down.  I forgot about it for awhile, then a week later I  remembered I had it and tried to use it again.  This time I used more spray and sprayed closer to my hairline to tame all the little hairs that normally stand on end. Within five minutes I broke out into a full on rash around my face.  I went back and read over all of the ingredients of everything I ate that day.  I hadn't even left the house that day so I couldn't blame outdoor allergies either.  No allergens, so I was good there, but still itchy. The only thing new I had tried was the Shielo Hair Protector, so I turned over the bottle and read the ingredients. And there it was hydrolyzed wheat protein, no wonder I had a rash!

Needless to say I can't really provide an accurate review of this product because I didn't really get a chance to really test it.  If you have a gluten sensitivity, wheat allergy or Celiac Disease, you may want to avoid this product.  Usually I am really good about reading labels, but it never crossed my mind to read this one...My bad... I'm just glad that I didn't get a full body glutening.