Last Minute Easter: Dyeing Eggs Without A Kit or Food Coloring #beingcheap #DIYEaster

When my sinuses are bothering me I get loopy and when I get loopy, I feel wonky, and when I feel wonky, I forget stuff.  Like the fact that Easter is TOMORROW and I didn't buy any egg dye.  I frantically searched my cabinets for food coloring, but we used it all doing science experiments.  So I did what any sane person would do, I turned to Pinterest.  There was a plethora of ideas involving onion skins, tea bags and beet juice. Sure I have all of that on hand, but Teenie wasn't too excited about the idea having eggs that were soaked "stinky onion skins."

Then I ran across the idea of dyeing eggs with powdered drink mix, namely Kool-Aid. Unfortunately I didn't have any on hand but did have a few packages of Wyler's and Flavor Aid.  Because they are pretty much the same thing (unsweetened powdered drink mix) I figured they would work.  So we gave it a try and experimented with several different colors (flavors).

  1. Pour each envelope into a separate cup and add 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup water, depending on how bright you want your eggs (less water for deeper color).  We found that an amount between the two works well.  
  2.  Add cooled, hard boiled eggs one at a time. 
  3. The eggs change color very quickly so check frequently until you get your desired color.  Unfortunately yellow didn't show up well, you may have to use more than one packet to get the color you want. 
  4.  You can also mix the colors and make up your own new ones!
  5. Let air dry for a bit. Then refrigerate.
And a definite bonus is that it smells good and your house doesn't smell like farts and vinegar like traditionally dyed eggs. 
Teenie dyed four eggs in the original colors before she started mixing them.  Strawberry (turned orange-red), Cherry and Berry Jammer (Blue) worked the best. Lemonade did turn out and Grape turned a purple-brown color.  The rest are all subjects of Teenie's color mixing experiments.