Influenster Refresh Vox Box Review @Influenster #refreshvoxbox

Recently I was selected by Influenster for their Refresh campaign to help rejuvenate and beautify your body inside and out!  

Here's what I thought of each item on a scale of 1 - 5 stars.

Beanitos Restaurant Style White Bean Chips with Sea Salt  5/5 FB Beanitos  Twitter @Beanitos #allthatinabagofchips
I did not know what to expect when I got these to try, but I was pleasantly surprised and the light, crispiness of these chips.  If no one told me they had beans in them, I would have never guessed, because they tasted just like regular corn tortilla chips!  I would definitely buy these and I can't wait to test them out on my friends that "hate" beans.  

Beanitos Nacho Cheese White Bean Chips 5/5 FB Beanitos  Twitter @Beanitos #allthatinabagofchips
These are so good! Everything you could ever want in a snack chip except for all the fat and grease!  They are lightly salted, cheese and mildly spicy.  Something for the whole family. 

Cover Girl Ultra Smooth Foundation 1/5 FB @COVERGIRL #UltraSmooth
Normally I don't wear any foundation and just stick to a tinted moisturizer, but for the sake of an honest review I tried it out.   And hated it.  I felt that this foundation was too heavy for my skin and felt like I was wearing a mask.  The foundation color wasn't right, but it wasn't too far off of my skin tone, but it looked like I was wearing a mask.  The silicone applicator, did the foundation no justice when applying, it just spread it on unevenly, and left streaks. When I used a sponge applicator it did go on a bit better but still looked heavy and strangely enough chalky. 

L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream 5/5 FB LOccitane.usa  Twitter @Loccitane #ineedshea
In case this is the first time you have ever run across this blog, you may not be aware that I constantly complain about my dry skin. Coming off a particularly dry winter this year, my skin has been painfully tight and dry even on my face. It's kind of hard for me to find a good product that actually clears that up, without causing weird side effects like hives and/or pimples.  L'Occitane Light Comforting Cream, moisturized without causing clog pores and my skin looked great after using it. I used the sample until it was completely gone.  I plan on buying more before for my next dry skin season, fall. 

Listerine Pocketpaks 5/5  FB ListerineUS   #ListerinePocketPaks
I have used these in the past and I love the small size and convenience of these!  They are small and discreet so you can have fresh breath when ever without having to carry around a bulky tin of mints.  And did I mention how loud those were!  Try popping a mint in a quiet library or movie theater.  Not only do they freshen breath, they kill 99.9% of the germs that cause bad breath.

Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bar: Chocolate Peanut Butter with Sea Salt 5/5  FB SkinnygirlDaily   Twitter @SkinnygirlDaily  #skinnygirlXinfluenster
I am always looking for a health alternative to junk food. I love sweets but like just about everyone on the planet, sometimes have trouble with portion control.  Okay, not sometimes..only when I am PMSing.  I can't seem to find anything to satisfy all of my cravings, sweet, salty, chewy, chocolaty (did I spell that right? Why does that not look right?) Skinnygirl's Tasty Nutrition Bar not only satisfied this craving, but also held me over until my next meal.  They are gluten free and they are delicious! I was surprised at how good this bar was, it was like a dessert or candy bar!  True to the name it was very tasty!

Montagne Jeunesse Manuka Honey Peel Off Mask 3/5 
FB MontagneJeunesseUSA  Twitter  @MontagneJeuness     #MJPeelOffs 
First I just want to clarify that I DO NOT usually use facial masks. This mask smelled delicious, so much so that there is an actual warning on the package not to eat the mask!  It actually looks and smells like honey!  I will be quite honest, it was a complete mess applying this mask. I didn't so a very good job avoiding my eyebrows and hairline so it got stuck in my hair. I hated the stickiness of the mask, and every second that I sat with it on my face. As it dried I noticed it feeling tight, which was kind of weird. After that it was time for the fun part, peeling it off.  When I did it pulled out a bit of hair (my own fault for not being careful around the hair line.) My skin did feel soft, smooth and tight after removing the mask. I would say that the product works great, but it's just not my thing.

Orgain Organic  Nutritional Shake FB DrinkOrgain     Twitter @DrinkOrgain #orgainwellness
I was sent a coupon for a free shake, but could not find this product in a store near me.  So I didn't get to try it.

DenTek  Comfort Clean Floss Picks 5/5  &  DenTek Fun Flossers 5/5  FB DenTek  Twitter @DenTek   #GoFlossYourselfDenTek
I always just thought that a flosser was a flosser until I used the Comfort Clean floss pick.  The floss
is flat and wide but can be turned to the side to be used as a thinner floss. The floss is lightly mint flavored, and easy to use. The pick end is pointy but flexible to help clean teeth with out injuring the gums.  The built in tongue cleaner is a nice touch as well.  These are the best flossers I have every tried and they will replace my current brand.
 The DenTek Fun Flossers were sent for the minions to try, and got an overwhelming enthusiastic response!  They loved using them and the yummy fruit flavor as well.  I can actually get my kids to floss without a fight!

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."