Happy Fingers Review + Giveaway #PaulsPremium #giveaway #ad

I am always in the kitchen. I pretty much cook and prepare three meals a day for my family everyday. So it seems like I am constantly having accidents in the kitchen. I frequently buy larger, bone in cuts of meats to break down myself at home for canning or freezing for later meals.  I also buy pounds and pounds of produce every week to juice, cook or just eat raw. That means lots of time spent cutting, chopping, peeling, slicing and grating slippy skinned apples, onions and such.  More frequently than not, I tend to have a knife slip and cut myself. Not only is this painful but it's also annoying because it happens so frequently.

Happy Fingers claims to have solution to this problem, a protective glove for cutting.  From the company:
  • No chemical smells. The gloves are made of high quality food grade vinyl; 100% latex free, making them safe with your food. Touch Screen Compatible.
  • Through a patented design process, the gloves have up to level 5 cut-resistance, with improved areas of premature wear, giving you all the safety you need in the kitchen to prepare a great meal.
  • These anti-cut gloves are built with antimicrobial features which kill microbes instantly.
  • The gloves are launder-able, allowing up to 40 washes and still staying strong and tough. They are also breathable and flexible, hence very comfortable for you.
  • The gloves are cut-resistant (not cut proof, and not water-resistant). Comes with a 100 Day Full-Replacement Satisfaction Guarantee. 
Here's how my test went:

I found that the gloves fit me well.  They conform to my hands and flex when I make a fist. Even though I have smaller hands, they don't feel too bulky or interfere with movement.  I found that it was easier to hold round veggies that usually slip out of my grasp when I am trying to cut them.  Upon opening the package I did find that the gloves had a chemical type odor that quickly dissipated.  Slicing was a breeze even when using a mandolin, which is what I usually cut myself on.  They are also latex free, which is a plus because I am allergic and usually break out in hives.  I cut the glove directly and while I felt the blade my fingers were safe and sound underneath.  My daughter loves to help me out in the kitchen and I will be letting her use these gloves as well to protect her hands.


I received this item for free, in exchange for my honest review. My views are my own and have not been influenced in any way.