Finally Getting A Good Night's Sleep on Yorkshire-Mayfair Luxury Microfiber Sheet Set #LuxuryMicrofiberSheetSet #Ad

On most nights I suffer from horrible insomnia. I'm too hot, I'm too cold, I'm not comfortable, yada, yada. yada....  Well I can check one of those off the list because I was lucky enough to be selected to review a set of Yorkshire-Mayfair Luxury Microfiber Sheets.  

Yorkshire-Mayfair Luxury Microfiber Sheets boasts the following qualities (from their Amazon page):
  • Made of the highest quality heavy-weight, high-gram luxury microfiber
  • 4 piece sheet set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases
  • More durable than cotton, Hypoallergenic and wrinkle resistant!
  • Extra Deep Pocket Fit

The first thing Hubby said about them, was "Wow, that's pink!"  Although pink is not his first color choice, he agreed to help me with this review.  The sheets arrived nicely packaged in a plastic zippered case, that Teenie promptly snatched up to keep her doll brushes in.  While making the bed I noticed that these sheets have extra deep pockets, which is great because I have an extra thick mattress.  When we bought the mattress we had to get rid of some of our old sheets because they didn't fit anymore.  These sheets fit my mattress which is a little over nine inches thick not including the pillow top.

Straight out of the package the sheets were nice and soft and had a smooth feel to them.  But I washed them first anyway, and they came out of the dry feeling just as soft and smooth. And they came out with no wrinkles! Granted, I did take them straight out and put them on the bed, and didn't ball them up and throw them aside for when I felt like folding them.... 

 I have never owned a set of microfiber sheets, but was really happy to have been able to try these out. Usually when you think of microfiber you think of those towels that everything sticks to but these are different. They are silky and smooth! I was kind of worried when I first got them because I was afraid that they would make me sweat at night, which is something that I absolutely can not stand. They stay nice and cool all night long. 

Top edge detail, and I can't believe they actually fit and stay on my mattress!

So how did they do?
Yorkshire-Mayfair Luxury Microfiber Sheets are extremely comfortable to sleep on. I wanted to make sure that it wasn't a fluke, so I have washed these sheets five times and dried them in the dryer to see how the quality would hold up. They are still as comfortable as when I took them out of the package! I was really surprised because I have paid twice as much as these cost for sheets "good" sheets, that ended up "beading" after I washed and dried them,which is no fun to sleep on.... 
The more I washed these sheets the softer they get.  On a scale from 1-5, I give these sheets a five.  

My hubby on the other hand wasn't very enthusiastic about the sheets, and thought they were just okay.  He works with his hands for a living which gives him rough skin, and he didn't really care for how the microfiber felt on his hands and he said they made him sweat at night a bit a couple of nights, but weren't all that bad.   They get about a three star rating from him.  

So all in all, I would have to give these 4 stars for comfort and value. I would buy another set of these and use them during the months that are cooler but not cold, like in the spring and fall. They are a nice transition between winter flannel and light summer sheets.

I received this item for free, in exchange for my honest review. My views are my own.