The Natural Dentist- Oral Care Line for Kid's Review + Giveaway #TNDCavityZapper

Kids will give you a hard time about doing just about everything, taking a bath, eating vegetables combing their hair and the worst offender...brushing their teeth!  You would not believe how many times a week I have to ask my kids if they have brushed their teeth.  One of the number one excuses that they give me for not brushing their teeth, is that they don't like the toothpaste. Especially Teenie who often claims that the toothpaste is "too spicy" for her.  When I buy children's toothpastes, Teenie will use them willingly, but Sonshine hates the all too common bubble gum flavor that they usually come in.

The Natural Dentist's children's line includes  Cavity Zapper Toothpastes, a fluoride free Plaque Zapper Toothpaste and Mouth Rinse. Their gel toothpastes do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) a detergent used in toothpastes that creates foam when you brush. SLS can irritate the gums by  sloughing the gum tissue and can cause canker sores. These toothpastes are gentle, low-foaming and safe for everyone, including those with sensitive mouths. Their products come in two kid friendly flavors, Berry Blast and Groovy Grape. The Natural Dentist clinically-proven oral care products - products that don't contain alcohol, sweeteners,  harsh chemicals or artificial colors or flavors and are free of soy, MSG, dairy, wheat or gluten.

Teenie has no problem with burning or stinging or what she calls "spiciness." She prefers the pale pink color and fruity taste of Berry Blast, while Sonshine likes the Groovy Grape flavor.  I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about so I decided to try all three toothpastes, and I prefer the Berry Blast as well it's really good! I was surprised that this toothpaste does not foam, and freshens breath as well, something that most fruit flavored toothpastes do not do.  Also I like that these are a light color/no color gel, instead of the gritty pastes that we normal get when I buy natural toothpastes, and it leaves your mouth feeling squeaky clean. 

The Natural Dentist products can purchased at select retail and online at stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid and is now available at select Target stores.  I know when our little supply runs out, I will be heading over to my local Target store to see if I can spot it on the shelves!

I received the above products for free, from the manufacturer, in exchange for an honest review.