Healthy Lunchbox Makeover with #RocktheLunchbox #influenster

Recently I was selected by Influenster for their Rock the Lunchbox campaign to encourage healthy lunch time meals for kids (and grownups!)  Here is the video I made with my initial reaction to the campaign.

After using my coupons to locate most of the products (at Super Target) we gave them a try and here is how they did:

Annie's Homegrown  Gluten Free Cocoa & Vanilla Bunny Cookies @annieshomegrown
I consider myself a connoisseur of gluten free snacks, I have tried just about everything on the market looking for something that tasted decent. These little cookies are sweet but not too sweet, light and crunchy. They are made from rice and corn flours which give them a grainy texture though. I think that they tasted great. My hubby and kids weren't too keen on the texture and likened it to "sand."  With that being said, if you don't have to be GF, then buy the regular ones (which I do on a regular basis) the kids love the Bunny Friends.  I give these 4 stars.

Honest Kids Organic Super Fruit Punch @HonestTea
I've purchased Honest Kids products before in the past and the kids loved them (Berry Good Lemonade).  This flavor got mixed reviews in my house.  I like that they are low calorie and low in sugar. The taste is light and refreshing because it is more "watery" than "sugary," and reminds me of fruit infused water.  I had one kid that needed more sugar and one that didn't even notice it was missing.  Both kids however, liked the flavor.  I give these 4 stars.

Rudi's Bakery Bread @rudisorganic 
I could not find this product after searching at three different markets.  I'm still looking for it!

Applegate HALF TIME Ham and Cheese @Applegate
Teenie tried this one and LOVED it! This product was a nice, natural alternative to other lunch kits that are filled with preservatives. This kit featured Applegate Natural Ham, classic Applegate American cheese, Annie’s Buttery Rich Crackers, and Annie’s Friends Bunny Grahams. It was the perfect portion for a kid and with drink and a side of sliced veggies was very filling. Teenie gives it five stars!

Annie's Frozen Snacks Combination Mini Pizza Bagels  @annieshomegrown
I was really excited about this one, even though I couldn't eat it myself.  These bite-sized snacks are made with 100% real cheese, whole grains, natural Italian sausage and uncured pepperoni. They are free from artificial flavors, synthetic colors or nitrites.  After preparing them the kids happily gobbled them up and asked me to buy more, so naturally I have to give these 5 stars.

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."