Pixie Mandy's Projects - Kids Sewing DVD Review

Teenie loves to do everything that I do, whether it's cooking, gardening or crafting. We were thrilled to be selected to review the Pixie Candy's Projects DVD.  Teenie was successfully able to complete sewing projects on her own using this DVD.  So when we were selected to review Pixie Mandy's Projects (volume 2) she was really excited. In Pixie Mandy's how-to-sew video, we learned how to make a Doll Pillow, Coin Purse, Chic Tote, Sweet Skirt & Rosy Ribbon. These videos are great for building confidence,learning sewing skills and getting familiar with the sewing machine.

Teenie ironing her fabric.

Pinning together her sides.

The lovely host, Katrina Marie walks you through all five of Pixie Mandy's (who loves the color purple) projects. Teenie wanted to start out with the "Sweet Skirt" project.  Katrina Marie shows you step by step how to make this simple skirt.  From drawing a pattern, to cutting fabric, ironing and sewing it together.

Teenie loves these sewing videos and I have even caught her watching them when we weren't sewing because she "wanted to study."  She has since made a few of the doll pillows as well. 

Adding her elastic for the waist band.

I noticed that the best way to use this video is if you have an area set up for sewing where you can view a TV, or if you have a laptop available.  We use the dining room table, which is also known in our house as the crafting table to do our sewing.  Sewing is a great hobby for kids and adults alike, it really helps to encourage a sense of accomplishment and pride in making your own clothing, doll clothing and home decor. 

More information about the DVD:  Pixie Mandy's Projects (Volume 
Projects: Doll Pillow, Coin Purse, Chic Tote, Sweet Skirt, Rosy Ribbon)n
DVD Series: Pixie Projects Vol. #2 - Level 1 (Beginning)
Running Time: Over 120 Minutes
Price: $39.95

All Done!
Disclaimer, because the FTC says I have to:  I got this stuff for free. It's part of the many perks of being a blogger. I was not paid to do this review, and all of the opinions expressed are my own.