Health in a Box! - Bulu Box Review #TRYumph

I think a lot of people strive to do better when it comes to their health. Personally, I am always looking for ways to improve my health and sense of well being.  If you are anything like me you have probably bought and tried hundreds of dollars worth of dietary supplements. Sometimes you find something really great and sometimes you are stuck with thirty dollar bottle of garbage.  Which sucks...

Bulu Box helps to solve this issue by offering a subscription box service that allows to try products before you buy them. For 10 bucks a month (free shipping!) you get 4-5 product samples to try. Bulu Box asks you a series of (quick) questions that help them to design a box that will meet your needs.  I received a general well-being type box but there are other options including weight loss available as well.  I specified a gluten free box, so all of the products that I received were labeled 'gluten free'.   This is what came in my box, what I think of the product I have tried so far, and what the full sized product costs:

  • Product information card/Sample journal
  • Holiday gift guide 
  • $100 Wine Voucher from (because wine is essential for my health...)
  • D Speed Fast Melt Vitamin D3 - 2 serving sample. These do dissolve very quickly. Has an essence of peach flavoring, then a weird aftertaste that isn't too unpleasant.  Full size product is $14.95/60 servings
  • NeoCell Biotin Bursts - Gourmet Biotin Soft Chews for Hair, Skin and Nail Health 1 serving sample. This was surprisingly tasty! Like candy.  I dunno if it did anything to improve my hair and skin with just one serving, but I would be willing to buy the full sized product to try.  Full sized product is $21.59/30 count box
  • Surpreme Protien Accelerate Bar sample 1 full sized bar.  I had to contact the company on this one and I am waiting for a response. The label says gluten free but the ingredients list rolled oats, which unless they are certified GF aren't safe for Celiacs.    Full sized box is $32.99/12 bars
  • Brightcore Nutrition Organic Sweet Wheat Grass Juice Powder - 2 serving sample. Wheat grass is a controversial food in the GF world. Most people doubt the safety of this for Celiacs so I will skip this one, and pass it on to someone else. Full Sized product is $49.95 for 180 capsules.
  • Brode Electrolyte Vitamins - 1 serving packet sample.  Full sized product is $24.97/10 packets
This is what I got in my box

Also when you buy a full sized product of selected items, Bulu Box (or partners) will donate 25 cents to Vitamin Angels, which helps at-risk women, new moms and kids gain access to much needed vitamins and minerals. It is estimated 190 million children under the age of  five have a vitamin A deficiency which is a major underlying cause of child deaths.

Overall I like Bulu Box and I think it is a great way to try new products before making the commitment and paying full price for items you my not like or use or that may not work for you.   I also think that this would make a great gift for your favorite health nut. 

About Bulu Box (from the company website):

I recieved this product for free in exchange for my honest review.  My opinions are my own.