Christmas Around the World Lesson Plan - Canada

"Joyeux Noël! or Merry Christmas (depending on where you are) in Canada! Christmas in Canada is a lot like what we celebrate here in the US!

You will need brown felt one sheet googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

Things to do:

Make Christmas light finger print paintings
Use different color paints to dip fingers in. Press on white paper in straight (or kinda straight) rows. Then using a black or green crayon or marker, add the "wires" to string the lights together.

Make Christmas Cards
Using an assortment of construction paper, stickers, crayons and whatever else you have handy, make Christmas cards for your friends.

Make A Reindeer Ornament
Canada is the home of reindeer. Make this cute ornament out of felt.

A popular Christmas food for French Canadians is Tourtiere a meat pie spiced with cloves, sometimes allspice and cinnamon as well.  Have the kids help make one for dinner. I found a recipe that sounds pretty good here, probably more suited to American taste buds.  I am going to make my pie gluten free. Wish me luck, if it comes out good I'll post the recipe and if not we will never speak of it again.  Here is a more traditional recipe for those of you who like to do things for the sake of authenticity

Reindeer Cookies!!

These cute cookies are easy and fun to make.
All you need is your favorite sugar cookie recipe. You can even use the pre-made refrigerated dough, M&M's and small pretzel twists.  I use Cookie Monster's recipe (it's very popular) that I found in Big Bird's Busy Book, from the 1970's.  We still have a well-loved copy of that book somewhere in this house. I bake at 375 for 10 minutes, too keep the bottoms from getting too brown and to keep the cookies on the softer side.

1 Sugar cookie dough recipe (refrigerated for at least an hour or so)
1 12.6 oz bag M&Ms (if you put them in the freezer for an hour or so they keep their shape better.
1 large bag mini pretzel twists
1/4 sugar

Pre-heat oven to 375. Pour 1/4 cup sugar on a plate and set aside.  Roll dough into egg shaped balls, then place on ungreased cookie sheet. Space them evenly because the cookie will spread depending on the recipe you use.  ( I use parchment paper for easy clean up.)  Dip flat bottom of a clean  drinking glass in sugar and press down on dough. Repeat on all dough. The press two pretzels on widest side of the cookies. The add two matching color M&M's for eyes and a red or brown M&M for a nose.  Feel free to shape the dough a bit to make the cookies have more of a oval shape if they are too round.  Bake for 10-12 minutes.  If you used Cookie Monster's Recipe it will make a little over 2 dozen cookies (I got 30).