Christmas Around the World Lesson Plan - United States

"Merry Christmas!" Today we will be studying traditions in the United States.

Things to do:

  • Find the country on the world map and color it. (Click the link "World:Countries")
  • Print out country outline to color (older kids can label capitol cites and other points of interests and color their state). We are using the map "United States (No Labels)"
  • Print and use the country notebooking page to keep in your file folder.
  • Share this information about Christmas Traditions in the US and talk about traditions your family has.  

Color and print out this Tanagram tree.  Assemble and glue on to construction paper.  Be creative in the leftover space on the construction paper.

Make Salt Dough Ornaments
Here is a basic salt dough recipe.  This dough comes out with the texture of Play-Doh.   I rolled it out on a floured (gasp! oh the gluten!) counter top and let the kids cut out shapes with cookie cutters. I makes a lot of ornaments. We only ended up using half of the dough. Don't forget to poke holes in your dough before you bake it. These things are hard as a rock!  The kids painted the ones I didn't burn (someone was too engrossed with her new video game...) with poster paint, we let them dry and sprayed with a clear coat.

Fun for all ages!
This is just a small sample of the ornaments the kids made.  We ended up with well over 20.  I burnt all of the reindeer ones, Which was great because we ran out of brown paint.