Christmas Around the World Lesson Plan - Holland (The Netherlands)

Zalig Kerstfeast!  Today we will be studying traditions in Holland which is now known as The Netherlands.

Prepare:  Candy or small toys. Large grocery bags (one for each kid) cut down one side, and cut off bottoms to open up to a large sheet of paper. Gold, red or orange glitter or glitter glue, and white school glue. Poster or tempera paint. Paper plates, construction paper and   2 rectangular sponges one cut in half per kid.

Things to do:
  • Find the country on the world map and color it. (Click the link "World:Countries")
  • Print out country outline to color.  (Right click on map, then save as. Print from your computer. Un-check the 'fit picture to frame' box to make the map full sized.)
  • Print and use the country notebooking page to keep in your file folder.
  • Share this information about Christmas Traditions in the Netherlands and talk about how the traditions are alike and how they different from what your family does.  (With older kids you can talk about the controversy surrounding "Black Pete.")
Make a paper fireplace!
Using the cut open paper bags turn them so any writing doesn't show. Then lay it flat.  Draw an opening for the fire.  Pour red paint (you can mix with brown to make it look more like a "brick" color) dip sponge in paint then use to stamp bricks on the paper, avoiding the opening.  Use half sponges to get the small areas.  Paint area inside black.  Set aside to dry.  Using brown construction paper. cut out "logs" and using red, yellow and orange paper, cut flames.  Layer them and glue together, Then glue to "logs".  Add glitter on the flames if desired (I highly recommend glitter glue to cut down on the mess.) When fireplace is dry, glue "fire" on the black section. Hang on a wall.  If you aren't into hanging things, you can always make one of the 3D out of cardboard boxes ;)  Check Pinterest for inspiration.

At night children put their wooden shoes near the fireplace with carrots and hay for Sinterkaas's horse.  Make paper "wooden shoes", at night fill them with carrots and hay ( real or paper)  and  have the kids them put them by the fireplace.  Replace with treats when the kids go to sleep for extra fun.