Christmas Around the World Lesson Plan - Mexico

"Feliz Navidad!" Today we will be studying traditions in Mexico.

To prepare:
Fill paper lunch bags (one for each child) with small toys and/or candy and staple or tape top shut. Empty toilet paper rolls for each child about 3.

Things to do:
Watch The Legend of Poinsettia by Tomie de Paola

Make A "Candle"
Using a  toilet paper roll.  Cover the roll with construction paper. Cut out and glue a paper flame shapes to the top and decorate.

Decorate A Personal Paper Bag PiƱata 
use stickers or glue on tissue paper squares in a design. Let dry, then  exchange with another student and break open to get a prize.

Poinsettia Ornaments
Make Poinsettia ornaments see the instructions here.

"Candles" and Poinsettias before painting and adding bling.