Christmas Around the World Lesson Plan - Italy

"Buon Natale!" Today we will be studying traditions in Italy.

To prepare:
Save empty 1 wrapping paper tube or 2 paper towel tubes, 2 paper lunch bags, 1 foot ribbon and two paper grocery bags, a bag of cotton balls and 1 yard of thick yarn or 1/2" wide ribbon, (I'm a homeschooler, I save everything...) per kid.

Things to do:
  • Find the country on the world map and color it. (Click the link "World:Countries")
  • Print out country outline to color. (Right click on map, then save as. Print from your computer. Un-check the 'fit picture to frame' box to make the map full sized.)
  • Print and use the country notebooking page to keep in your file folder.
  • Share this information about Christmas Traditions in the Italy and talk about how the traditions are alike and how they are different from what your family does.
Watch La Befana on YouTube.

Make La Befana's broom
Use the wrapping paper tube (or two paper towel tubes fitted together and taped in the middle.)
Cut open paper bags along side and cut off bottoms, stack paper bag sheets together, and cut fringe along one side long with the paper longways. Put glue around the top edge of the fringed paper and wrap around the bottom of the paper roll.  Put a line of glue down the ribbon, then wrap over the top edge of the paper fringe.

Color a La Befana page. (I like this one because she looks pretty darn menacing.)

Make a paper Epiphany stocking-
 Cut down side of paper bag and cut off bottom.  Flip inside out (if there is printing on your bag) and fold in half.  With a pencil draw a stocking outline, then cut out. Use a single hole punch to punch holes all the way around the two stocking pieces avoiding the top.  Decorate the front side of your stocking, adding cotton ball trimming at the top if you wish. Wrap one end of the yarn or ribbon with a piece of tape, lace the two parts of the stocking together.  (It helps if you tape the end of the yarn or ribbon to the back side of the stocking, instead of trying a knot).  Hang on your "fireplace."