Bo-Po Nail Polish Review #bo_po

My daughter Teenie, is a totally girlie-girl when it comes to beauty products and make up.  She loves to put on make up and play dress up and polish her nails.  However, as a mom, I am always concerned about the amount of chemicals and toxins that my kids are exposed to. Nail polish contains tons of them, not to mention nail polish remover and the awful fumes from using that!

Bo-Po (Brush On - Peel Off)  Nail Polish comes in a 10 cool colors  and is specially designed for kids. Bo-Po Is great for girls ages 3 and up because it does not contain any harmful chemicals and doesn't have that stinky nail polish odor.  Kids can change their colors like they change their minds, because there is no need for nail polish remover. Simply peel off the polish and you are good to go!
As you can see, Teenie was super excited!

Bo-Po goes on smoothly just like regular nail polish and dries in less than a minute. My favorite feature is that  Bo-Po polish comes in a spill-proof bottle (why didn't I find this stuff sooner?!?!)  So no accidental spills, even if you turn the bottle completely upside down.
She's a pro at polishing her nails

Teenie loves being able to give herself a manicure while watching tv, and I don't have to worry about my carpet or furniture.  Bo-Po nail polish starts at $3.99 and is a must have for your little diva!
Disclaimer, because the FTC says I have to:  I got this stuff for free. It's part of the many perks of being a blogger. I was not paid to do this review, and all of the opinions expressed are my own.