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 I exercise at home regularly and usually I just throw on something comfortable (AKA ugly and unflattering).  The worst part of my workout routine is:
1.  Having to get out of my warm, cozy bed to exercise every morning.
2.  Having to wear a regular bra, with two sports bras on top of it, when I do any type of exercise.
3.  The pain that I feel after I exercise, in my upper chest, back, armpits and shoulders.

Some of my workouts really do a number on me and I feel it for days afterwards. When I was selected to be a Victoria's Secret Sport Tester, I was  excited to get to try a new product but  skeptical due to my experience with other brands of sports bras in the past.

For testing purposes I was sent a beautiful package consisting of a Incredible by Victoria's Secret Sport Bra and also the VS Knockout Tight.
"Incredible" by Victoria's Secret Sport Bra:

I love that this bra has full coverage and maximum support!
I really liked this bra a lot... Sure, it's not as sexy as other VS bras, but when I exercise,  I don't want to look sexy.  I want support! "Incredible" is maximum support bra that offers tons of it.  It's a full coverage sports bra,  so everything is held firmly in place. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU MOVE!!  What I really like is that it is underwire, lined and padded in all of the right places.  There's no push up or inserts, making it a perfect choice for people who don't need it or want it.  The underwire is completely covered with a padded lining that  prevents that horrible poking and digging.   The straps are also padded for comfort and it features an adjustable back closure.  It is made with "Body-Wick" material, which helps keep you cool and dry, and.....drum roll please....NO UNI BOOB!!! 
The only negative about this bra is, to put it on, you have to pull it on overhead, then close the back hook.  It's kinda a pain to put on and take off, however this is a minor detail for me.

"Incredible" by Victoria's Secret Sport, is THE BEST sport bra I have ever owned and it retails for $49.50 - $59.50.

 "Knockout" By Victoria's Secret Tight:

VS Knockout Tight have a flattering fit and wicks moisture away from skin.

The Victoria's Secret Sport "Knockout" Tight, fits like a glove and does not have seams on the inside, so I had no issues with chaffing.  They also feature a hidden drawstring waist and waistband pocket, which is great to hold an MP3 player.  "Body-Wick" material, helps wick moisture away from skin, to keep you cool and dry.   My favorite part of wearing them, is that they hold everything in place, like a bra for your butt and thighs. I didn't feel any jiggle while wearing these even while jumping and running.  I was sent a Medium, regular length to try, which fit great everywhere except for the length. I really could have used a short (they were too long) but now I am just nit-picking. I did not find any "cons" while using these.

Finally the support I was looking for!
I love shopping at Victoria's Secret for cosmetics, fragrances, clothing and of course, for "unmentionables."  The associates are always friendly and helpful and offer free bra fittings. Now I have a new reason to shop...for fitness wear!  

See my first impressions of Victoria's Secret Sport, check out the video unboxing of Victoria's Secret Sport VoxBox!

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.