Labor Day Lesson Plan

Ahhh... The last hoorah before school starts, on the first Monday of September, every year Americans celebrate Labor Day.  Traditionally seen as the end of summer, the last days of the beach and barbeques, and came at the urging from the Central Labor Union in New York City, as a day off for the workers. In 1894, Grover Cleveland made Labor Day a federal holiday,  after an attempt to break up a railroad strike failed miserably, causing riots and the death of two people.   Nowadays, only federal buildings, schools, banks, post offices, and libraries are closed, and everyone else still works.  Kind of a ripoff if you ask me, but someone has to work all of the sales going on... (rolling my eyes with sarcasm).  In honor of the people who are working today. We will be too. =) But not too much, we are just learning about the history of the holiday.

Language Arts has some Labor Day Worksheets for 2-3 grades and 4-6 grades.  They also have an entire unit study for Labor Day also has a selection of activity sheets for Labor Day.

The History of Labor Day

Make a occupations collage! Click here for instructions