Today's Lesson: Working on the Basics

So yesterday was our first day of school, and these are some of the questions I was asked...
"Mom, what's 7 x 9?" -Sonshine
"Mom, how do you spell EVERYTHING?"  (No not the word "everything" but literally everything she wrote down yesterday.) -Teenie

Really kids? REALLY?!?!  I normally teach my kids year around, but this year I decided to give them a break and let them have a real summer break for the first time ever. Now I am totally regretting that decision.  What did you guys learn last year, what did I teach you? Is ten weeks off really enough time for you to forget EVERYTHING? 

I swear yesterday made me feel like a complete failure as a homeschooler.  Then I thought about the poor teachers in the public school system, that get to hear this from 30 kids a day.  I just don't understand how kids can totally turn their brains off and just forget everything.  Must be nice...  Anyhoo, enough of my rant...

Today it looks like we are going to be finishing up the autobiography lapbooks we started yesterday, but before we do anything else we definitely need to do some review.  So I thought I'd share some of my favorite sites that cover the basics, so we can get back on track.

Math: worksheets on just about every math topic - more free worksheets - Fun math games - Lots of games to choose from - Teenie's favorite

Phonics:   Super cute games!  Teenie's favorite! PAID SITE email me your first name, last name and email address for a FREE 2-week trial     Teenie's favorite!

Language Arts: - Games - Worksheets

Spelling:  -Custom spelling lists, Games Custom spelling lists, Games

For more of my favorite educational sites, click on the "homeschool resources" tab. It's a work in progress, but I am always trying out new sites and adding more.

-Have Fun Learning!