Today's Lesson: Stars

Today we are a going to be learning about stars! Summer is still going strong here in the desert, so this is the perfect opportunity to further our studies of the night sky. It's been about 75 to 85 degrees here at night, perfect for roasting marshmallows under the stars.

How the Universe Works: Season 1 Episode 4 "Extreme Stars" on Netflix
"Tell Me Why Stars Twinkle"
"The Beauty of Stars Being Born"
"Supernovas: When Stars Die"

How the Universe Works "Extreme Stars" worksheet
 Parts of a Star 
Kids Discover Scroll Down and select "Stars and Nebulae"   Power Vocabulary pages 7-12 only, unless you are ordering the Kids Discover magazine for this section, then download teacher's guide for more activities.
Life Cycle of a Star -Westerville City School District website.
Why Do Stars Shine? - Cambridge University Press (to be used with their fact book but you don't really need it.)

Go Star Gazing- If you have an Android device such as a tablet or a smart phone you can download the FREE Google Sky App from the Google Play store to help you view the stars, moon and planets.
Make a Star Finder Star Chart  - If you don't have a device that can download apps. (Or just make one anyways! )
Scavenger Hunt- Found this on Super Teachers Worksheets

-Have Fun Learning!