Collector Is Just A Fancy Name For Hoarder...

There are many reasons why people collect things. I tend to collect things that I like.  The thought never crossed my mind before, but today after walking around my house looking at my "collections," I am beginning to wonder if collectors are just organized hoarders?  My "collection" has invaded just about every area of my house, except for the bathrooms because I have yet to figure out how to display such  a massive amount of crap in such a small space.

My hubby, a collector himself, was nice enough to put up shelves so I could neatly display my doll collections.  Only I looked at the empty spaces on my shelves and took that as an invitation to buy more.  I ran out of space in my room, so hubby, again was nice enough to put up shelves in Teenie's room, where all of my less creepy dolls are currently housed.  

My current obsession are Ever After High and Monster High dolls. I adore their character "back stories" and their tiny little outfits!  Not that I play with them or anything, because I don't take my dolls out of the boxes. Any of them. They are all perfectly displayed in perfect mint boxes because I am just that kind of persnickety about my collections.  I tend to buy two of the same doll, one for me to keep in the box and one for me  Teenie to play with.

An EXTREMELY small sample of my collections.

I have no idea what I am going to do with all of the stuff that I collect.  I figure I'd just leave it to the kids when I die. I figure it this way, by the time the kids are my age, all of this crap should be worth a fortune.  The first thing I did when I found out I was having a daughter years ago, was try to find all of my favorite toys I had as a kid, for her.  So I got on Ebay and realized that people were making a killing on all of their old toys.  I was heartbroken when I realized that a vintage Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home, recently sold on Ebay for four hundred dollars.   Also seeing shows like "Pawn Stars" and  "Toy Hunter," does nothing but encourage my collecting. Especially when this guy goes into people's houses and drops a couple of thousand for old toys.

I try to keep my collections neat and organized, but I am quickly running out of space. It seems like I am always trying to justify a purchase by saying "it's a rare!" or "it's an investment."  But let's face it, I collect because I am an organized hoarder.  I guess my biggest fear, is having someone find my dessicated corpse, under a massive pile of vintage cookbooks and Living Dead Dolls.

-Have Fun Collecting Hoarding!  =)

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