Back to (Home) School Shopping Checklist & School Supply Haul Video

Depending on where you live, it's that time of year again and back to school days are quickly approaching. It's a great time to start organizing for the next school year if you are homeschooling, like myself. I have already started writing lesson plans and organizing our supplies.  If you are anything like me, you never make a list and always end up forgetting something.  So in honor of the new school year, I thought I would try to get a head start this year and attempt to be more organized.

I am currently organizing our "school" area which is a hot, hot mess. No...actually it's beyond that , it's a freakin' disaster!  I try really hard to keep it tidy during the school year, but honestly, I got lazy because it's just too hot to clean (or move, or eat, or sleep, or breathe. etc...)  Teenie often keeps herself busy by doing crafts, so after her rummaging through everything it's become a real mess.  While cleaning I realized that I already have a good stash of supplies.  I wish I would have done that before I actually STARTED school shopping because I could have saved myself some money. I also would have noticed that I forgot to buy a lot of the things we need.  So I made an inventory checklist so I can figure out what I need and the quantities.  So I thought I'd share for the other organizationally challenged peeps out there.

Printable Back To School List

And a video haul!