Product Review: StyloPhora Ice Ball Molds

It's been hot. Like 100 degrees everyday hot.  The kind of weather that brings out the jumbo-sized insects of the biting and stinging variety, like the gigantic scorpion that was in our garage this morning. This kind of weather begs for a nice cold drink, like iced tea or ice cold lemonade!    There's nothing like an ice cold pitcher of lemonade to greet you on a summer's day.  Unfortunately for me, I don't have an ice maker in my fridge, so I either have to make ice the old fashioned way or buy it by the bag at the store which is quite a feat in itself on super hot days, as the ice starts melting as soon as you take it of the freezer at the store. Then walking it out in the scorching hot sun, that is radiating off of the scorching hot asphalt, ugh.  I'm lucky if can get most of it home without it leaving a big puddle in the car. Even with the air conditioning. Yep, gets that hot.  So as you can imagine, I prefer to make ice at home.  So you better believe that I was eager to try out the StyloPhora Ice Ball molds I was sent to review.

I don't drink whisky or scotch, what these ice balls are normally seen in, so I was not familiar with ice ball molds before this review, and I did have my doubts.  The first thing I noticed was how big they were!  I didn't think that they would fit into our glasses (which are just mason jars).   I was also doubtful as to how they would work, especially when I noticed that the molds came apart in the middle. The first thing I thought was "these things are gonna leak."  As I was prepping the molds to make ice, I noticed who thick the molds were.

This morning at about 10:30,  I made about a gallon of lemonade, filling up the my big glass jug with 9 "ice balls."  The StyloPhora Ice Ball molds makes large spheres of ice, that melt slower than regular ice cubes.  Here I am, at 10:30 pm and there is STILL ice balls in my lemonade!  Granted I kept it in the fridge the whole day, but still, that's a pretty long time!

Check out my ice balls!

The StyloPhora Kit that I was sent came with 3 ice ball molds, a collapsible funnel, and instructions that includes how to make crystal clear ice (which will really impress your guests when entertaining.)    I found that using the funnel didn't really matter for making ice with water straight out the tap.  The first time I made them I followed the instructions, the second time I didn't pay attention to the fill line and over-filled. The mold separated during freezing but still made an ice ball-like shape. 

You can also freeze juice or tea to keep your drinks from getting diluted.  I used the funnel to make ice ball "pops" for the kids.  Just assemble the molds, and use the funnel to fill the molds to the clearly marked line with juice.  Then put in the freezer for a few hours until completely frozen. Take them out a few minutes before serving to allow the ice balls enough time to defrost enough to remove the top. I left the bottoms on and gave them to the kids.  We also put some in the dog's water bowl for them to play with.  Unfortunately they were scared of the ice and stayed away from the bowl until it melted.  Well, I did my part to try to keep them cool anyway.... You can order StyloPhora Ice Ball molds from Amazon.

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