Petbrosia Dog and Cat Foods Review & Giveaway

Some dogs can be super picky eaters. Which is amazing considering that they spend all of their snuffing each others butts, eating poop and scavenging in the garbage. As the owner of two chihuahuas, I can tell you that they are notorious for being picky. Now, my Zsa Zsa is a pig and she will eat anything and everything. My Dexter on the other hand, hates food. I swear that dog is anorexic because he will go days without eating anything, and I have seen him go for days in just a single kibble. How he is still alive is beyond me. With the exception of whatever tiny crumbs he can find from the floor, or the little bits of food that my hubby gives him off of his plate. This is not from my lack of trying, we have switched his food so many times because he just hates everything.

So as you can imagine, I was very skeptical when I was chosen to review Petbrosia's new Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Pet Food.  Because Dexter hates food.  However, I will say my first impression of the Petbrosia site was very impressed.  Ordering from their site was interesting because they actually have you fill out a questionnaire about your dog's health, weight and activity level.  Which in Dexter's case was a body type 4, underweight, super picky but active.  Another thing that concerned me was how they could cater to Dexter's allergies to corn and sensitivity to wheat ( he can only handle a bit, or else he gets gas).  So we have tried just about every grain free dog food we could find.  But we have had issues with kibble size as well, a lot of them are way too big to Dexter to chew and we could often hear him choking on the little bit of food he would eat. Even on the smallest kibble.
The box, inside the box, my custom report for Dexter, serving up kibbles, and aww...look how tiny!

The box arrived quickly and in perfect condition on my doorstep via UPS shortly after ordering. When I opened the box, noticed that the inner bag was a vacuum sealed mylar bag, with a zip-lock seal to keep the food fresh.  The box also contained a copy of your "customized blend overview," which shows information about your pet, ingredients, nutrition overview, and a feeding guideline for your dog. Pretty impressive.
I decided to try it right away, so I opened the mylar bag..WOW...the smell. It was awful, like a dead fish that had being lying in the sun for a couple of days. It was funky with a capital "F."  Yep, it's salmon!  The dogs must have liked it because they both ran over and sat attentively at my feet.  As I  served up the food for the pups (mixed with a bit of their old food to prevent tummy troubles), I was really happy to see that the kibbles were super tiny!  Much smaller than anything else I have ever bought for the dogs, they looked about the size of short rabbit pellets. Then for the test, I gave it to both Zsa Zsa and Dexter.
I started with the food just dry (I normally moisten the food a bit with warm water.) Zsa Zsa started eating it right away. Dexter stood in front of his bowl and sniffed at it for awhile, then walked away.  So I moistened the food a bit and called him back over, and SURPRISE! He ate some!...Of course he didn't eat all of the 1/4 cup of food that was the recommend feeding (1/2 cup per day, I split it in half twice a day).  But he ate half, which is a big improvement over what he used to eat. Honestly Dexter ate about a 1/4 cup of food a day with gusto for the first week. Now he's back to his old eating habits, not as extreme but back to only eating tiny bits and only eating ever other day, which is also an improvement from him starving himself for days. The dogs have had lots of energy and their coats are so soft and shiny, which great for Zsa Zsa who's usually on the coarse and dry side.
Dexter giving his food a sniff test, Zsa Zsa eating, and Dexter finally eating something!
.I am also glad to report that Dexter gained a few ounces as well!

 Petbrosia determines the food for your dog or cat based on their breed, age, weight, food allergies, and activity level.  When ordering, they also ask if there is any other information that you would like to give them on your pet.  Petbrosia uses only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, grown and raised by farmers across America.  Their food contains NO corn, NO wheat, NO soy, and NO by-products, all of which can cause digestive problems and allergies in your animals.

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And best of all, the good folks at Petbrosia are sponsoring a giveaway! The winner will receive a promotional code for a free 3 Pound Box. (Only Lower 48 States we do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii at this time).

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