Matcha DNA - Matcha Green Tea Review

Matcha DNA's green tea is grown on organic farms in China’s Northern Mountains, maintaining a close relationship with small scale sustainable organic growers and focus on fair trade. Their teas are researched and packaged in state of the art research and production facilities. All of the Matcha DNA teas are 100% Swiss Certified organic, and are tested for lead and other heavy metals.

Most people claim that Japanese matcha is a far superior product, compared to matcha grown elsewhere.  However, recently there has been concern about the safety of the water and agriculture around Japan because of the Fukishima nuclear disaster.  Most recently evidence of radiation has been found in monkeys over 40 miles away from the center of this event.  Matcha DNA teas are grown in the mountains of Yunan province in China and is hand picked.

convenient pre-measured packets
Now I am going to be honest with you (as usual).  I loved the way this tea was packaged in pre-measured individual packets. So convenient! Matcha is powdered and I make a big mess it at least twice a week. When I first tried this tea, I hated it and thought it was gross.  I don't know what I did to it, but it tasted like green beans and asparagus juice mixed together. It was so bitter I couldn't finish it!  I gave a couple of packets to my mom, dad and my brother, all of which are green tea drinkers.  They all LOVED it and gave it rave reviews!  I was confused, so I went to their house to see what the fuss was.

Apparently, I didn't follow the directions the way I was supposed to (surprise, surprise).  My brother made me a cup of the tea, following the instructions exactly. I took a sip, and what do you know? It was really good! It has a light grassy/floral taste.  My brother made me a latte with milk. It was super yummy! As it turns out, when you don't follow the instructions for making this tea, it changes how this delicate tea tastes.  I really should have followed the directions. I didn't preheat the cup, and the water I was using was too hot (boiling), I also did not stir it well enough. As it turns out, when you don't follow the instructions for making this tea, it can change how this delicate tea tastes.

Matcha Green Tea Latte! Just add your favorite milk and sweeten if desired.
My parents swear by this tea and the energy it provides. I have also noticed that if you drink it on an empty stomach it has "cleansing" effects if you aren't used to it. My brother swears by this stuff as a hangover cure, (I make no claims that it really works) he drank it the next morning after consuming a large amount of beer, and was hangover free. Personally,  I like the energy that I get from matcha.   I think it is a better alternative to coffee for my sensitive stomach. I am also very sensitive to caffeine it makes me anxious and jittery.  Matcha DNA, gives me long lasting energy without the anxiety or jitters.

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