Product Review: Rainbow Bandz Loom Kit

Rubber band bracelets are the hottest fad right now for "tweens" (ugh, I hate that word), so when I was sent this Rainbow Bandz Loom Kit to review, Teenie was thrilled!   I never really understood this phenomenon, due to the fact that when I was Teenie's age friendship bracelets were all the rage. Try as I might have, I was never able to make a successful friendship bracelet. I guess I just didn't have the coordination for it.

Rainbow Bandz Loom Kit, and one super, happy minion!

Determined to "make memories" with the kids, I invited the nephews over for swimming, pizza and a sleepover.  The kids went nuts over this Rainbow Bandz loom.  Their excitement was short-lived when we realized that none of us actually knew how to USE the loom.  My youngest nephew, Curly, age 8 was content with finger weaving the bands together.  My older nephew, Redd, age 12, sat patiently and tried to help me figure it out.  The instructions that came with the loom were in pictures, but still confusing.  Keep in mind that this was all after a long day and we didn't start until around 8pm.

Pizza toppings + pre-made pizza crusts+diy toppings= making memories with the littles.  I know, I am a wonderful aunt and mom.

We finally figured out the loom its self and we were able to make one single chain bracelet. This kit also came with second small tool to make bracelets as well.  That was very easy to use and the kids were able to make bracelets quickly and with very little help. It is very much like crocheting.  I highly recommend that you use the small hand tool for basic bracelets, because it is much faster. The loom should be reserved for more complicated products. By the time we were finished it was 10pm and we were all too tired to go on, but everyone had a bracelet.  They were content. Now me on the other hand, I was angry and refused to be defeated by a child's toy.

The kit opened, and now even the hubby is rockin' Rainbow Bandz!
So I went to the company's site to see if I could find some help.  There I found their tutorial on how to make a basic bracelet! Wow! What a difference!  The directions are clearer and there are step by step pictures for the noobs.  I do wish their site had more content, but this is a new product, so I am sure that it will come in time.   Once you get started the loom is much easier to use, but like anything awesome, it takes practice!  The major feature and real star of the company is their "bandz,"  they are organic and latex free, made of silicone.  I also noticed that the Rainbow Bandz are super strong, and that they don't break as easily as some of the other brands do.
I recommend this item for patient kids (and adults) ages 10+.  
Teenie attempting a second try with help from YouTube videos.  I made Teenie a ladder bracelet and Teenie's finished single chain bracelet.
Teenie tried to give the loom a second try but gave up. So I took over and finished her yellow and red bracelet, then took over the loom.  I made the ladder bracelet above in less than twenty minutes. Not bad for a noob.  I am surprised at how much I really enjoyed using this loom and I think I just found another hobby.  Although Teenie was a little disappointed that she had a hard time, she was so happy to get the ladder bracelet, and told me I was a cool mom, because I could make cool designs.  So I still got a happy kiddo out of the deal and I am hooked on making this bracelets! 

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