Music: David Gray "Mutineers" New Album

 Disclosure:  I received a free download of the David Gray, "Mutineers" album to review from One2One Network and all opinions are my own.

Let me just start by saying I am big fan of music, so when I saw that there was an opportunity to review Grammy-nominated David Gray's new album 'Mutineers,' I thought, why not?

David Gray's musical style can best be describe as pop, indie or folk rock, it has a softer tone, instrumental  and vocals. "Mutineers" is both laid back and full of life at the same time. This is David Gray's 10th studio release, so there is no doubt that he has definitely influence some of the younger  musicians coming out of the UK such as Passenger, who is currently climbing the charts here in the U.S.  His musical talent shines beautifully on "Mutineers."  

Buy "Mutineers" on iTunes- or Amazon-  Gray also will be touring the US through the summer, see all dates and ticket info here:

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