Today's Lesson: Women of the the American Revolution

Now that we are finished with our Colonial America unit study, we are moving back to the Revolution, more specifically, women during this time period.   We will be using some of the lessons this teacher's resource packet from Daughters of the American Revolution.  I also found a great resource, "American Revolutionary War Primary Sources," while searching online from Rockford Public Schools.   Please note:  We will only be using the sections with women in this unit, but will be using the rest during our next couple of unit studies =). Have your kids watch Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, (it's a good family movie and brownie points for whoever can point out the historical inaccuracies) and use the lesson plan found here for discussion questions and activities.
Also if you have Netflix, you can watch the Dear America series, "The Winter of Red Snow." (season 1, episode 6) and find interactive lesson plans at Scholastic.  I found this cool video, "Rockstars of the Revolution. 

Molly Pitcher
Garden of Praise has some excellent resources!  Including a short biography. We will be using the Alphabetical order, and crossword puzzle worksheets, the links are at the bottom of the biography page.  I also found a coloring sheet and an proof reading activity. There is an additional coloring sheet here as well.  I also found this short video on YouTube. 

Deborah Sampson
Yet another great study unit from Garden of Praise.  We will be using all of the resources here, except for the coloring sheet, we will be using this one instead. We will also be reading a book, The Secret Soldier: The Story of Deborah Sampson, by Ann McGovern. She was also featured on Liberty's kids Episode #34, "Deborah Sampson: Soldier of the Revolution."

Sybil Ludington
Start out learning about the female "Paul Revere," by reading this biography and informative coloring sheet.     This short video tells about Sybil's ride on her horse Star.  We will also be doing this sequencing activity and vocabulary worksheet.  She was featured on Liberty's Kids Episode #21 "Sybil Ludington."

-Have Fun Learning!