Today's Lesson: Johnny Tremain

Today we will be watching Walt Disney's "Johnny Tremain."  Yeah... I know that the movie isn't the same as the book, but I started reading the book out loud and it was just too boring, too long and too hard to understand.  So we all voted to bypass the book (I will continue to read on my own and maybe assign to Sonshine for independent reading, if I feel it would be of interest to him.) We found the Disney movie at a library book sale and I had bought it with every intention of reading the book first, then watching it together.  However if you do get around to reading the book, I found a great lesson plan and worksheets here.

The movie was much better than I thought and even Teenie was able to follow it. I do recommend it for older kids 10+.  This movie is definitely the type of show that you have to pay attention to, in order to understand completely what is going on. I don't think younger kids have the attention span for this movie, at 9 years old, Teenie had a hard time giving it her full attention. After the movie we used's  Handout 1, that has questions about the movie. I verbally read them out loud and the kids took turns answering. My kids enjoy the interactivity more than just filling out a worksheet.

--Have Fun Learning!