Today's Lesson: Marquis de Lafayette and France Lapbook

"Humanity has won its battle. Liberty now has a country." -

The United States winning the Revolutionary War most likely could not have happened without help from friends.  We had help from in France, Spain and Native Americans.  The Marquis de Lafayette played a large role in helping the Colonies get help from France. 
Here is a coloring sheet that should have enough room to write today's quote on.  Read about his life in this biography and then read his historic address to the United States House of Representatives.  I used to make a quote sheet. We are currently learning more about Lafayette, by reading, "Why Not Lafayette? (Unforgettable Americans)."  Lafayette is also featured in Liberty's Kids episode 22 "Lafayette Arrives."

Since Lafayette is from France, it would be a great time to do a lapbook of France, we are using one from Homeschool Share.  The cover is a bit too babyish for Sonshine so I am simply printing out an outline of France and adding a title for the cover page. We are also making our our Eiffel Tower.  It would be a great time with the super warm weather we are having right now, to have a Nicoise Salad for dinner.

-Have Fun Learning!