Today's Lesson: The Real Paul Revere

Notice that there is no quote today? That's because I could not find an accurate one.  The line that Paul Revere is most famous for, is one that he never said.  The phrase "The British are coming!" was actually said by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem "Paul Revere's Midnight Ride," the link will take you to a copy that can be printed, but I also found an interactive version.  But here is a coloring sheet to add our collection. A short biography, a biography with a short video and some interesting facts that you may not know about Paul Revere.  Then make print out this fun mini activities book.

 Finish up your day Watch episode 5 "Midnight Ride " of Liberty's Kids featuring Paul Revere.
Note: If you have older kids that would like to go more into depth, this link is from an 8th grade history book. 
Here are some worksheets that are better suited to older kids as well.

Have Fun Learning!