Today's Lesson: Thomas Paine

We are continuing our lessons on the American Revolution. After being introduced to "Liberty's Kids" during our John Hancock lesson, the kids have become addicted!  These shows are a great way to get children involved in US History, especially my Sonshine who has a fondness for ancient Greek history and the Renaissance period. 

"The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection."-Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine coloring sheet The kids are making quite the collection of coloring sheets and quotes, it's really cool to see them constantly looking back at them, to talk about the people that they have learned about and the contributions that they have made to society.  Thomas Paine is known for his quotes, try this writing prompt, where kids can explain what this quote means to them.  I found a long biography of Thomas Paine who is best known for writing controversial articles, among them his most famous work "Common Sense," a 50 page pamphlet that called for America's independence from the British.  Here is also a short version of his biography and multiple choice questions.  Have older kids use this abridged version of "Common Sense" that includes questions on each section.  Then watch Thomas Paine on Liberty's Kids "Common Sense" (episode 12).

Have fun learning!