Today's Lesson: John Hancock and the Declaration of Independence

Today I decided to go way back in history and work on more of the founding of this country.  I love history, but I know is can be really, REALLY boring for little ones (and some big ones too) unless you have lots of interesting stories to tell.  This lesson ties in with the Samuel Adams one I did last week

"There, I guess King George will be able to read that without his spectacles!" -John Hancock
Here is the coloring sheet that we used, and here is worksheet the kids can use to make their own John Hancock trading card. (I plan on keeping the full sheet and having the kids make a founding fathers book.)
This quote led me to teach the kids about the Declaration of Independence.  Sonshine is working on this more advanced lesson for high school level kids. This one is just right for younger kids like Teenie, and she will also be making her own book
If you have time check out, it has some really cool interactive activities like this one about the Boston Tea Party.  My kids love watching videos and I was so happy when I found a couple of Schoolhouse Rock videos on YouTube, The Shot Heard Around the World, and No More Kings.  There is also a bunch of Liberty's Kids videos on YouTube that are great for getting the kids interested in history, here's one on with John Hancock and "The Second Continental Congress." (Episode 8)
 Have Fun Learning!