Turkey Day Crafts AKA Cheap Thanksgiving Decorations and Stuff

This year I decided that I did not have enough decor to celebrate the cornucopia of goodness that is known as Thanksgiving. Instead of going out and buying more I decided to be crafty and make my own.  Or use free child labor and let the kids have craft time.  These are all super fast crafts perfect for procrastinators!

For paper Pilgrim Hats:
We used three pieces of black construction paper 9x12" and one piece of yellow for to make two hats.
Fold paper in half (width wise), careful not to make a sharp crease.  Then free hand cut a kinda Pilgrim shaped hat, then use yellow to cut out a buckle shape.  Glue to front of the hat.  With remaining black paper cut into 4 strips length wise.  Staple one strip to back side of hat, on either side.  Fit to your kid's head and staple to size, trimming excess. There you go! Instant Pilgrim!

Sonshine insisted on doing "serious" Pilgrim poses.

Paper Bag Owl Puppet -Print out pattern and have the kids color it.  Then glue on brown paper bags. There you go, festive Fall owls!

Thanksgiving Bingo  - I found this super cute free printable bingo card game.  I printed it out on card stock so it could be reused and to make it educational, we play Bingo only in Spanish.  That what the kids are exposed to a different language and I get to practice my rusty Spanish! Win-Win!

Paper Bag Pumpkins-  Stuff paper lunch bags2/3's full with old newspaper, use green pipe cleaners to close, then paint green and orange. Let dry and viola! you have paper pumpkins.

Paper Bag Scarecrows-  Using the paper bag as a base cut out various shapes with different color construction paper to make clothes.  Use googly eyes, and buttons to make it look a little more fancy.
Teenie's Turkey garland (she made this using a turkey craft she got from the library. We punched holes in the foam leaves and threaded to make a garland.)

Wishing you a Happy Turkey Day filled with family, fun, love, and (crossing fingers) a juicy turkey!