Learning with Legos: Little House on the Prairie

The minions and I have been obsessed with Laura Ingalls and everything Little House.  We have even started watching the remake of the movie by Disney, which was a great way to teach my kids about house people often take "creative liberties" when making books into movies.  Well I have tons of creative "pioneer" activities that I have found on the interwebs but supplies run out and it was 400 degrees outside and I really, really didn't want to leave the comfort of my cool house to go shopping in the infernal heat of the desert.  So I had to think of something on the fly and thought why not use some of the 800 billion Legos that the kids have! 
So I challenged the kids to create a model of the Ingalls family in any scene, from any book we have read, which so far has only been "Little House in the Big Woods," "Little House on the Prairie," and half of "Farmer Boy."  Although Sonshine really enjoyed the books, and really enjoys (OK, he's obsessed with) Legos, he refused to take part in this activity because he was in a bad mood so me and Teenie completed this scene. Then Teenie took the pictures, she's becoming a really good blog photographer.
Inside the little house on the prairie.

The wagon with Pet and Patty, Laura, Mary, Ma and Pa.

The front view of the with Jack in the yard.

Pretty good for an 8 year old! Sonshine even decided to join in and play with the finished creations.  Best of all, we stayed cool, didn't spend any money and didn't make too much of a mess.