Tutorial: 99 Cent Store Bikini Makeover # 1

Nothing beats crafting, unless you are crafting on the cheap!  I found a couple of bikinis (yes, bikinis!) at the 99 Store during one of my shopping trips.  The wheels in my head started turning before I could even start rummaging through the rack to find my size.   Lace trimmed bikinis are super popular right now, but I have been having a hard time trying to find one in my size the local stores, so I decided to make my own.
I paid a buck for each piece, and the lace was in my craft bin, I bought it at WalMart years ago and had forgotten about it. It was $1 for 3 yards and came in a little plastic bubble. You will also need pins and thread in a color that matches the lace as closely as possible.  ( A contrast color would look great as well but the thread color will hide any mistakes you make.)
 Arrange lace any way you like it, using a lot of pins to hold it in place.
 Since my lace was pre-ruffled I decided to just use it as a trim.   I pinned it along the top center.  Here is where it gets a little complicated, if you are going to bring the trim over the bottom tie string, remember that you will be sewing it in place so you won't be able you to adjust the cups. Make sure you try on the suit and have the cups in the spot you want.
 I set that aside and started on the back of the bottoms. I pinned lace to the top edge right along the trim.
 I measured down 3 inches from the top and marked with chalk, I did this on both sides.
 Then I added another row of lace.
 Then I measured the distance between and added a row of lace at 1.5"
 I turned it over and laid it out and thought it still needed a little something so I added a row of lace in the front.  At this point your suit should be full of pins and if you like the design laid out, go ahead and sew.  If not, now is the time to tweak it a little.
 Now you are going to tack the lace in place.  Set your machine on a long straight stitch.  Although it is not recommended, I always sew over the pins, I know I'm horrible but the worst thing that will happen is that you will break a needle and bend a pin.  I have a bunch of needles so what do I care?  Sew slow, you'll be alright.  Then after you tack, set your machine to a zig zag stitch, this allows for some stretch, in the tread,( the last thing you want to do is start busting out at the seams at the pool) and sew over lace again. Do it twice if you are paranoid or are using cheap thread. 
 There's the front of the bottoms.
 Then flip over and start on the back. Do it the same as you did the front, tack first, remove pins, and sew on a zig zag stitch.
 Last but not least you are going to do the top. Make sure that you remove the pads or insert thingies that are in the top first if this applies to your suit, if not don't worry about it.  

 All done! Top and front.
 Top and back.

Sorry about the pics, I don't have a dress form yet, and there is no way in hell that I am posting pictures of myself in a bikini on the interwebs.