Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

A week ago we lost our dog Bodie.   I was devastated, being that I am the one who spent the most time with him. He was between 14-15 years old, so we knew it was coming, we just didn't like to think about it.  Even though it was to be expected it seemed so sudden because I went out to check on him and he was fine, I leave and come back 3 hours later and he was struggling to take a breath.  There was nothing else we could do for him except give him a peaceful passing.
Our Bodie was an unusual dog, not very bright but very sweet, he was great with the kids, not just our kids, but all kids. He liked to be brushed although this was a full time job because as he got older he shed non stop.  He loved cheese and when I made him pork chops (yes I did cook for my dogs, don't judge me.) He loved hugs, playing with our chihuahua Dexter and to shake hands (which was the only trick he knew, but he was darn proud of himself for it!)
 I will always remember the time he broke through the metal doors of our shed on the Fourth of July because people the next street over set off fireworks, or the time he ran straight into our sliding glass door and knocked out a tooth.  He ran away every time there was a thunder shower, even when he couldn't hear and he was beginning to lose his sight.  Despite all of the things he had destroyed and all of the money we spent bailing him out of the pound, he was still a good dog.  He loved the kids, he loved people and he loved other dogs. He was a giant teddy bear.  Some of my favorite times I spent with him was when we would sit on the patio together and watch the sunrise.  He would lay his big furry head in my lap and just sit there, like he enjoyed the sunrise too.  Good bye old friend, I miss you and will love you forever.