Mommy Daughter Project-Monster High House Part 5- DONE!?!? (At least on the outside) #dollcrafts

Or should I say I'm done with the exterior.  Teenie was getting impatient and wanted her house back.  So I added some finishing touches on the outside and called it quits...for now...(insert evil laugh).  The whole exterior of the house was sprayed with glitter and then with a clear coat.
TA DA!!! 

Here is a front shot of the house opened.  Don't forget that it was missing the double doors on the side, but I have a plan for that.
Another front shot.  I painted in the complete left hand side because it was just stamped in the plastic and looked really boring all black.
I added stick on gems to the main window because the house just didn't have enough bling for Teenie.  I also added a button spider that I found in my craft drawer. Cut the shank off with wire snips and hot glued it on.
Here's a close up of the spider.  Teenie didn't think it looked complete without a web so I made some web with my glue gun (those pain in the neck glue strings DO come in handy sometimes.)
Here is a close up of one of the windows I painted in.  The cat in the window is actually a button that I had cut off the extra design around it and spray painted black. I cut off the shank and hot glued it on.
I did the same to this interior wall that folds out.
Interior shot of the house. 
Another interior shot
This is the inside where the double doors used to be. I painted some super small Command hooks the same shade of teal that is on the exterior of the house and added them.  I will be making a curtain rod and curtains for this room.
I spray painted the top portion of the window seat. Teenie loved the gold touches that the house originally had so I left them alone.
Top view of the house.  I just painted in the rock path, and bolted in the sign, more on that later.
 Oh by the way, did I mention that the house has lights? Oh hell yeah it does!  I used battery operated tea lights that I found at the Dollar Tree, 2 for a $1.  They even came with batteries! I just added them on with Velcro, cutting off excess plastic so the would set a little better. Teenie can detach these easily to switch them off and on.

 I made the sign for the top of the house because the original piece that went here was missing.  I used a couple of pieces of cardboard glued together then spray painted on both sides purple.  Then I went to Big Lots and found this awesome purple glitter scrapbook paper for 50 cents so I added that on the front.  I knew I'd figure out a use for all of the zebra print duct tape I found at the 99 Cents Store.  I ended up using it for trimming the house. So I used it to trim the sign, and added some more rhinestone bling, also found at Big Lots (it came in a variety pack of scrapbook embellishments 6 packages for $2.) 
More zebra duct tape to trim the sides of the door.  I measured and used a box cutter to cut it to size before applying.  All of the the Monster High graphics were downloaded from the internet, resized and printed on cardstock.  I then used clear packing tape to cover them and make them shiny, and used One Step Permanent/Re positional glue to but them on the house.

Needless to say I am happy this thing is done, but at the same time I think it needs a lot of interior work so I will be working on the inside and on making furniture and accessories for it as well in my spare time.  
Total cost for the house:
House $1
spray paint 2 cans black, one can purple and pink $16
glitter spray $6
Zebra print tape 99 cents (and I still have a half of a roll left!)
Scrapbook paper 50 cents
bling $2.00 for a assorted package (I still have a ton of that stuff left too)
lights $1.00 for 2 pack
Command hooks 2.79 for a package of 8 
The rest of the stuff I found around the house, in my craft stash or I stole from my hubby's model car stash, garage and tool box = FREE!!

So I spent about 35.00 give or take including tax!