Teenie as "Belle" Halloween Costume

 Teenie has been obsessed with Disney Princesses for as long as I can remember.  She wanted to be Belle for Halloween a few years ago, so we went out to buy her a costume, needless to say I was disappointed and pretty unimpressed with the selection and quality of the costumes I found.  The better ones were super expensive and looked like they would fall apart in a matter of hours, the cheaper ones were cheap but looked like they would fall apart in a matter of minutes.  So I told Teenie I would make her costume, and I took her to the fabric store. Teenie insisted that Belle wore a gold lame dress not the yellow satin I had picked out. I said whatever and bought the gold fabric, which was a nightmare to sew at that. So here she is in the dress I made for her. I did not use a pattern I used a picture of Belle I found on the internet, and designed the dress that way.  It came out really well and the funny thing is that she still has the dress, and even though she can't fit it anymore, she told me she is saving it for her daughters.