Mommy Daughter Project-Monster High House part 1 #dollcrafts

Teenie loves, Loves, LOVES her Monster High dolls.  (What can I say, I secretly love them too!)  She has been playing with the dolls using an old High School Musical doll house that she bought at a yard sale for a $1! (Wow, what a steal! The perks of being a cute kid... The house was missing pieces so I am going to have to pull some tricks out of my crafty hat to fix these.) She decided a while back that it didn't "look" like a Monster High house and that it needed a paint job, so she used her markers to "decorate" it.  I would always know when she played with it, because her hands would have marker all over them from rub off.  So I decide to intervene and get her a Monster High house.  I was shocked to discover that there were none, only a "school" type setting that looks like it would fall apart as soon as it was taken out of the box and at 80 bucks it is not worth the time or money to me.  So I decided to make her one myself.  I went online for inspiration and THANK YOU FELLOW CRAFTERS!! They haven't let me down yet! I found some "homemade" Monster High houses. So after getting Teenie's approval we decided to partake in our own crafty goodness, and re purpose the High School Musical house"to look more goth."
 So I put her to work.  First things first we had to remove all of the stickers, not an easy task without using the assistance of a blow dry to heat them first.  This allowed us to remove the stickers without leaving residue.

After unsuccessfully trying to remove the windows by hand, we had to ask the Hubby for help and he assisted me in the proper usage of a dremal thingy, which I used to grind down the pegs that were holding the windows in.

Presto! The windows popped out.
I then disassembled it as far as I could by removing every screw I could find. I also ended up clipping the wires that were at the base that made it sing this irritating song every time the button was pressed. Then I gave the thing a bath, which it desperately needed.
Once it was all broken down and cleaned we determined a color scheme and what colors to paint which parts.

The weather has not been cooperating with us, so the project is currently on hold while we wait for a day that would be idea to spray paint in. So stay tuned for updates. Hopefully we'll have some nice weather roll in so I can get this thing finished before I forget how to put it back together!