Mommy Daughter Project-Monster High House part 3 #dollcrafts

The wind where I live can be unrelenting at times, but we were FINALLY able to finish spray painting the house!

All piece were done and left to dry until the wind started blowing, then we had to move everything inside before I started losing pieces.  It's nice that the spray painted parts were given a few days in between to dry because it really gives the paint time to cure and harden.  We used Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x, which also bonds to plastic. It said so on the package.  So far it looks good and is HALF the price of the other spray paints especially for plastic.  We also used Rust-Oleum's Glitter spray paint over the outer part of the house as well.  There are a lot of small details that need painting by hand and I need to figure out how to get the windows back in since we had to use the dremal to break the pegs to get them out. My hubby recommends  model paint and model glue, you know the kind that is used to put together those plastic model cars and planes. Hubby does models, so I will be raiding his stash to see what I can find that will work.  The less money I spend on this project, the happier I will be.