Mommy Daughter Project-Monster High House part 4 #dollcrafts it is!!! The house has been assembled. It took me a while because I kept ending up with "extra" parts that I could remember where they belonged but I figured it out.
 After putting this behemoth back together, I have started the tedious job of painting all the details and touching up areas I have missed.  I am using model car paint to do this, which works great on plastic.

I think it's starting to look pretty Monster High-like...I'd live in it...If I was 11 inches tall anyway.  I didn't think to open it and take pics of the inside until after I painted all the details so due to wet paint I am forcing you to wait. Sorry. When Teenie got this house it was missing some parts so I am still trying to figure out what to do about the missing top that goes over the center window and the missing back double doors.